Top trends in Navigation Menus

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Let’s consider one important tip while choosing a website template for your website or any other online project. Saying this I mean navigation menus.

If you choose a website template with user friendly and good-looking navigation menu  net surfers will navigate your website with pleasure.

So taking care of your potential readers, clients and customers decide on the best navigation menu.

Here are some examples of the most popular navigation menus.

Explanatory navigation menus. If it’s difficult to convey the essence of site section in one word you may explain it using keywords.

Using icons in navigation menus. Note the icons should look attractive and they should easily convey the message stored in a certain site section.

Mac-styled-navigation menus.

Navigation menus with vertical tabs. Some people think that it makes navigation menu less readable but it’s up to you if you want to include this element.

Hand-drawn navigation menus.

Uncommon navigation menus. As we know web developers are creative guys. They always try to make the websites they design look unique and impressive. So there is a great variety of uncommon navigation menus on the net. Here are just some of them.

Everyone who visits your website will appreciate how easy it is to browse your website, online store or webblog in a case the website template you purchase will have a handy navigation menu.

Navigation menu is like a friendly guide through your website. It should be self explanatory and reliable guide. Usually website templates developers design easy-to-use Navigation Menus. Nevertheless you should choose the navigation menu you like while choosing a website template for your online project.

I believe you’ll never trust a straw man to be your guide in a strange place. Why should you trust a messy navigation menu lead your website visitors through your website?

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Website Maker 2.0 has been released by Magix

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Magix has updated its collection of website making tools having launched a second version of Magix Website Maker software. Magix Website Maker 2.0 is a user-friendly website creating software.

Magix Website Maker 2.0 is available with a bunch of website templates. These website templates are easy customizable designs. So you may change texts, images, colors, etc in the template you choose and transform it into your original website.

Updated version of Website Maker provides you with 500GB of online storage space. So you may host your pictures, videos and music files and everyone who visits your site will have a chance to enjoy them.

Using Website Marker 2.0 you’ll be able to create a password-protected website and your own URL. It’s also possible to order a custom domain name.

It has been announced that Magix Website Maker 2.0 can be purchased at an affordable price and it’s still a very useful tool for starting websites.

You may get more information regarding this software if you visit the official site of Magix.

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Logo Templates for online and offline business projects

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Logo is a visual presentation of a company. Your company logo is associated with the products and services you provide your clients with. Note the impression made by a stunning logo will do a good work for you. Logo means a lot when it comes to easy memorizing of your company.

Logo is the most important image of your company. Whatever areas of business you specialize in you strive to attract the greatest number of clients and partners. A Company Logo will help your company to be easily memorized. The design of your company logo should be unique but still simple. It should ideally convey the message of your business as soon as it catches an eye.

If you are looking for logos you may decide on custom designed logos or Logo Templates. Usually Logo Templates cost less than custom made logo designs. And the only difference between custom made logos and logo templates is that logo templates require small customization before they turn into visual reflection of your business. That is to say you should replace the default company name with your own one.

Recently I came across a stunning collection of professionally designed Logo Templates and I hope you’ll also find them useful.

Logo Templates are great solutions if you want to promote your online project. If you wish your site to stand out from the others your company logo should contain unique elements.

Logo Templates will help your online project to be well recognized in spite of the fact that a lot of online partners and rivals are already represented on the web.

Note Logo Templates should be developed by well-experienced designers if you want your company logo to look really professional and memorable.By means of graphic elements logo design can reflect the main idea of your online resource. So logo is a graphic image associated with your company.

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DigitalOfficePro, the global provider of Presentation solutions and its products

Posted in: Website Templates | is acknowledged like a friendly provider of different ready made web page designs. The variety of products offered by DigitalOfficePro includes Website Templates, Flash Templates, Logo Templates, Flash Intros, PowerFlashPoint: PowerPoint to Flash Converter, PowerPoint Templates, etc.

According to the official press release of using its templates like the basement for any online projects allows you to save time and money while building online presentation of you business.

Website Templates represented by make it possible for you to start different online projects. That is to say you can build personal websites, large websites, online shops and personal webblogs using ready made web page designs created by professional web developers. Power Point Templates and FrontPage Templates from will make your online presentation stand out from the rest. Logo Templates will bring your company really distinctive company image. Note Logo templates may be also used for offline presentation of your business. claims that all products listed in its database are user friendly when it comes to their customization, management and use. Any product can be downloaded and applied as soon as you purchase it.

Thanks to its wide web design experience DigitalOfficePro also provides its customers with excellent teaching examples for students of all levels.

If you wish to get an outstanding online presentation for your business visiting would be a wise decision for you.

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Build a small website quick and cheap with TrueBlue Lite

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National Internet marketing firm TruePresence has launched HTML Website Development Tool. As it follows from official press release of TruePresence TrueBlue Lite is an ideal solution for creating small sites and low budget sites.

Using TrueBlue Lite is a time and money-saving way to get a fully-functional and nice-looking HTML based website.

“TrueBlue Lite is a lower-cost, faster-to-market alternative to a custom-developed, more fully-featured website,” said Michael Teitelbaum, President of TruePresence.

Though, this tool will mostly be appropriate for seldom edited websites. That is to say it’s better to choose another templates provider if you plan to change the content of your website frequently. For instance you may choose the templates offered by for larger and frequently updated websites.

While applying TrueBlue Lite you have a variety of 3,000 static, easy-customizable HTML based templates to choose from. These templates will be used like basements for websites. Note for your convenience the templates are categorized into different categories such as business, design, etc.

If you are looking for the best basis for your website you should be aware of different website templates providers to choose the best from the best. It’s obvious that database is more sophisticated than the selection of templates affordable for TrueBlue Lite. At the same time TrueBlue Lite enables you to build small and seldom edited HTML based websites with minimal knowledge and budget.

TruePresence also provides site content optimization services. So feel free to visit the official website of TruePresence to get more info regarding their services and recently launched HTML-based web development product.

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